Saturday, 5 December 2009

6 November 1994

Mrs. Smeed is being really nice to me. Last night she took me to see the fireworks out on the field of the big school. We had toffee apples and Mrs. Smeed let me have a sparkler to hold. It kept spitting at me but it was fun. Auntie never let me go see the fireworks when she took my cousins but I bet they were never as good as the ones last night at the school. I will be going to that school if Mrs. Smeed lets me stay here. She says she will foster me until I am older. I want to stay here with Mrs. Smeed now. I have looked and the house does not have a red room like auntie’s. She said all houses had them for naughty children like me but Mrs. Smeed doesn’t have one. Of all people a foster mum would have one wouldn’t she? I am happy that she does not have one. I don’t think Mrs. Smeed is that mean. She is much nicer than auntie. I think auntie is a bad auntie and a bad woman. I hope the council takes all her children away from her and not just me. As Mr. Smeed says, it would serve her right. Mr. Smeed isn’t here very much. He works at the garage. He is a mechanic. Mrs. Smeed says he is a good one and owns the garage. I would like to go see the garage and Mr. Smeed said he will take me one day soon. Tonight he is bringing home fish and chips for dinner so I will go now.

Samantha E Wills