Sunday, 17 January 2010

12 November 1994

I haven’t described Mrs. Smeed in my diary yet. She is quite tall with a kind face. She wears floaty dresses a lot. She and Mr. Smeed have been married for sixteen years she said. They have been fostering for most of that time too. At the moment I am the only one here but she says they have had up to three children staying with them before. Mrs. Smeed asked if I wanted Joe or Gemma and Louise to stay with us. I told her NO! I hate them. They were as bad as auntie. Joe always bullied me and hit me. Auntie told them to. I don’t want any of them staying here. I want to never see them again. I told Mrs. Smeed and she got scared how upset I got. I didn’t mean to worry her but she is nice, Mr. Smeed is nice, the house is pretty and I can go to a nice school away from my cousins. They always used to lead the others in bullying me at school. They wouldn’t leave me alone even there. I want nothing to do with them. Finis. (I heard that word on the TV last night and quite like it. It’s French so Mr. Smeed said) Mrs. Smeed said they won’t be staying here if I don’t want them. No. I don’t want them. They can all go to hell. I want to forget they were ever in my life. I will make myself forget. Then the bad dreams will stop. Mrs Smeed says she and Mr. Smeed are here to look after me now.

Samantha E Wills