Wednesday, 3 February 2010

20 November 1994

I start school tomorrow. I’m excited. I hope it is better than the last school. Mrs. Smeed says that it might be a bit strange fitting in but it must be better than my last school. I think no one knowing me might be a good thing. Mrs. Smeed says I can call her Julia from now on and I can call Mr. Smeed Arthur. It’s a bit strange calling an adult by their first name but I think I’ll get used to it. I quite like it. Julia has bought me a new school uniform. It has a dark grey skirt and tights like my old school but I’ve got a navy blazer and tie now instead of a red jumper. I like the blazer, it looks really smart. Auntie would never have let me wear something so nice. Julia’s also bought me a school bag and a new lunch box and pencil case. I never had such nice things before. Auntie would have taken them away. I can’t believe I’ve got a lunch box. At my old school I never had any lunch because auntie never gave me any to take or any money for school dinners. I’ve got lots of bright coloured pencils and pens, a rubber, a ruler, and Julia also bought me a pretty notepad with a flower on the front. I hope I make some friends tomorrow. But I’ve always got Julia now.

Samantha E Wills

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