Friday, 12 February 2010

24 November 1994

My friend is called Jessica. She lives at the other side of the village. I think she is my friend because she seems to like me and I like spending time with her at school. She is very funny and she makes me laugh a lot. Today we were playing crab football in the hall because it was raining. It was girls against boys. Mrs. Price said I was very good at it. I kicked the ball to Jessica and she scored a goal. She started jumping around and poked her tongue out at the boys! I wanted to join in but Mrs. Price told her off. Afterwards she smiled though and said that the girls had won. Jessica says I can go round her house for tea but I have to ask Julia first. I’ve never been to anyone’s house before but I think I’d like to. But I’m nervous. Will her parents have a red room? I don’t know if I want to go. I should go downstairs and ask Julia what she thinks but she might say no before I get to that bit like auntie used to when I tried to ask her things. Julia’s not like auntie. I’ll ask her.

Samantha E Wills

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